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Chain Link Fencing Company

Commonly referred to as mesh or wire, Sterling Fence primarily sells 11 gauge and 9 gauge wire. The gauge refers to the thickness of the wire. The smaller the gauge (number) the heavier or stronger the mesh or wire. The wire also comes in varying diamond sizes. The greater the number of diamond shaped openings, the stronger the fence. (Our 2″ wire is of greater strength than the 2¼″ and 2½″ wire sold at big box stores). The wire is a hot dip zinc galvanized for resistance to corrosion. The fence is available in 42″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ heights.

The 11 gauge wire is most often used and serves well for most requirements, large or small size dogs, children, and boundaries, etc. 9 gauge wire is appropriate for most Industrial applications.

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Chain Link Fence Types

Vinyl Coated

Framework: this refers to the posts and top rail that support and stretch the fabric. Commonly used end posts and corner posts are 2½″. Line posts are 1⅝″ on 42″ and 48″ tall fences, and 2″ on 60″ and 72″ tall fences. Larger posts are available for heavier duty requirements. The posts we use are triple coated for corrosion resistance.

Hardware: All the miscellaneous clamps, rail ends, caps, tie wires, tension bars, etc., are galvanized for protection.

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